stadium Dr. Matthew X. Joseph is currently the director of curriculum, instruction, and assessment in Leicester Public School. He has been a school and district leader in many capacities in public education over his 25 years in the field. Experiences such as the Director of Digital Learning and Innovation in Milford Public Schools (MA), elementary school principal in Natick, MA and Attleboro, MA, classroom teacher,  and district professional development specialist have provided Matt incredible insights on how to best support teaching and learning. This experience has led to nationally publishing articles and opportunities to speak at multiple state and national events. He is the co-author of Modern Mentoring, Reimagining Teacher Mentorship (Times 10, 2019).

Matt holds licenses in general education, school administration, and Massachusetts superintendent. His master’s degree is in special education and earned his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Boston College.

Matt brings 25 years of educational experience as a teacher, staff developer, conference speaker, Boston College leadership mentor, school and district administrator.  Matt has spoken on leadership, instruction, and educational technology at many events in Massachusetts and surrounding state.  Recent presentations include:

  • Digital transformation in schools and leading Innovation in Princeton, NJ and strategies to become an Innovative Leader in Boston at the Tech and Learning Leader event and at the Maine state Educational Technology conference (ACTEM).
  • Creating a culture and vision for leading in a digital school district at the Massachusetts Association School Superintendents conference
  • The Influence of School Culture in the Job Satisfaction of Novice Teachers at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum, Empower 19 event
  • Increasing efficiency in school/district leadership at the Massachusetts Principal Association event

Throughout his career, Matt focused on what is in the best interest of students and pushing the limits to achieve excellence in schools. He is an instructional leader constantly looking for student and school improvement while building community and continued teacher improvement. He is passionate about building a collaborative school culture, creating a school of learners utilizing 21st century instructional tools, and developing leaders’ communication techniques to enhance instruction and parent communication.

Follow Dr. Joseph on twitter at @MatthewXJoseph

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