9 Ways to Promote Equity in Our Schools

Changes to curriculum and grading policies can go a long way toward helping a school level the playing field for all students For the first time in my 16-year-long career as a school administrator, I feel like we’re finally starting to get to a place of actually having real conversations across the country about figuring... Continue Reading →

Ideas to Welcome Students Back

The calendar flips to August, and the countdown begins; the "first day" is nearly here. For some, it already happened. When the day arrives, it starts with a good breakfast and putting on that "first-day outfit." This look, for most, has been planned for weeks. Mom and Dad take the "first-day picture," and soon the... Continue Reading →

Reimagining Education: What to Keep/What to Ditch

When reimagining education, the focus needs to be on finding and keeping the best learning practices. The expression "reimagining education" has been the phrase educators and school/district leaders have heard since students returned to in-person learning. We are excellent in education in creating "catchphrases" or rallying cries, but we often forget to share the what... Continue Reading →

How to Boost Creativity In the Classroom

Written with Alfonso Mendoza Creativity is an essential skill students need to succeed in school and, more importantly, in life. It improves problem-solving, contributes to happiness in school, and gives students a sense of purpose.  However, kids today have fewer opportunities to develop creativity than ever before. Before the age of screentime, children spent most... Continue Reading →

Take More “Usies”: Power of Connections

Building a #PLN all starts with a connection. Connection is how friendships start, how passion grows, and how we support others on this educational journey. Connections help us to be better educators and colleagues. It enables us to make more of an impact in people's lives and dramatically enriches our own lives. Connecting with others... Continue Reading →

Using Voxer to Connect and Grow

Collaboration as a method of learning has been a fabric of education for years. However, in the past, professional learning networks (PLNs) were mostly limited to face-to-face interactions within school buildings, districts, or, in some cases, conferences, but with the technology we have now, our connections are limitless.  One way educators are connecting today is... Continue Reading →

How to Start a Hybrid Learning Center

A hybrid learning center can help you maximize simultaneous learning. As the calendar turns to the 2021 school year, we have to reflect on what did not work with hybrid learning models and instructional practices in our classroom. When we talk hybrid, we also talk synchronous, asynchronous, independent learning, and many other terms we never... Continue Reading →

How to Lead With Positivity

When administrators maintain a sense of optimism, their teams act with more confidence and collaborate more effectively. In today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing educational atmosphere, leaders and districts need to create positive work environments. Although this is challenging for every leader, it’s critical to navigate these uncharted waters with care. Positive leadership is not a topic... Continue Reading →

Keeping Students Safe in the Digital World

Written with Christine Ravesi-Weinstein (@RavesiWeinstein) and originally published in Tech and Learning Leader Five key challenges that all districts are facing in keeping students safe, and how to work through these issues. As school leaders, many people come to us to help solve problems and work through issues both large and small. Some of the... Continue Reading →

#TheWalkingEd : Educators Staying Healthy

At the beginning of March, Brett Salakus (@MRsalakas) and I decided to set a goal for each other: get healthier by going outside and walking. As educational leaders, we are often in classrooms and meetings late into the day; getting exercise is the last thing we have time for. Since we are both from different... Continue Reading →

Launching a Hybrid EdTech Event

In January 2020, Matt Holley (@LcisdMatt), the event chair for an EdTech conference held in Lubbock-Cooper ISD Texas (@lubbockcooper), was putting the finishing touches on Confluence. Confluence is an event that marries curriculum, instruction, and EdTech. Building off of the event’s previous two years of success and growth, Holley booked Carl Hooker, Brett Salakas, and... Continue Reading →

Educators Supporting Educators: You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup Self-Care Webinar

Co-Written with Christine Ravasi-Weinstein If you’re anything like us, you’re experiencing a lot of complex emotions right now.l Educators, along with everyone else in the world, are marveling at how different everything looks now compared to eight weeks ago. Big events have been canceled: March Madness, professional sports, award shows. Schools have postponed/cancelled: dances, celebrations,... Continue Reading →

Strategies for Virtual Professional Development

Click here for a video PD to model one form of Virtual PD Districts need to create long-term virtual professional development plans to support educators and encourage the effective use of digital tools. With schools closed and remote learning becoming the norm, our teachers have gone from saying, “Please raise your hand” to “Click the... Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Mentor from a Distance

COVID- 19 has put the world of education on hold for the foreseeable future. For students and educators to go from the everyday consistency and routine of school to a complete shutdown for multiple weeks, is an unknown path. The health and safety of our students, staff, and general public are paramount right now, however,... Continue Reading →

Teacher Job Search and Interview Strategies

Smarter job search strategies are required to get a teaching job. Especially during a time where interviews will be all online. Standing out during this time is a challenge, but one you can overcome with support.  Finding a teaching job in today's market is not easy; many public schools have gotten quite competitive. This doesn't... Continue Reading →

Navigating Uncharted Waters in K-12 Education: How schools can balance academic integrity with student emotional wellness during extended school closures

By: Dr. Matthew X. Joseph and Christine Ravesi-Weinstein, M.Ed. On March 11, 202o, The World Health Organization declared COVID- 19 a pandemic. In just a matter of days, our worlds took an unexpected turn. Professional and collegiate athletics started being postponed for weeks, or even months. “Social distancing” became an unfamiliar, household phrase. And the... Continue Reading →

Active Lesson Planning

The principal goal of education is to create individuals who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done. We keep reading we have to be more “innovative” and I fully agree. However, being innovative doesn’t happen by chance. Being innovative also doesn’t mean “winging it” and seeing how it... Continue Reading →

FETC Reflection

As I got out of my Lyft at the Miami airport Friday, I realize I am saying goodbye to some great new connections I made. This year's FETC made a considerable impact on me. My next challenge is how to take all these connections and learning and enhance education in my district as well as... Continue Reading →

One Word 2020

I’ve worked in public education since graduating from Springfield College in 1993. For the past 14 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a school and building leader. One thing all schools have in common (besides the need to stay away from the break room around the holidays if you are on a diet) is... Continue Reading →

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